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​• Fall Asleep Faster: SDM Melatonin 5 mg Gummies is a night sleep aid; Melatonin is naturally produced by our bodies to help manage sleep cycles; SDM Melatonin helps you Fall Asleep Faster, stay asleep longer and wake up feeling rested.

• Non-GMO: SDM Gummies are non-GMO, made with organic sweeteners and contain no artificial sweeteners, sweeteners, colors or preservatives
• Gelatin-Free and Vegetarian: SDM Gummies are pectin-based and do not contain gelatin, so they are less likely to stick to teeth than standard gelatin gummies; Gummies are available in a wonderful strawberry flavor

• Worldwide Health: SDM is Turkey's leading manufacturer of Vitamins, Minerals and Supplements, helping people around the world improve their beauty, sleep, mood, immune health and brain health.
• Drug-Free: SDM Melatonin Gummies are drug-free, non-habit forming and will not cause morning drowsiness

Melatonin 1 mg Gummies

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