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​SDM İlaç is an organization that has positioned itself as an important player in the healthcare industry with over 28 years of experience. The main goal of the company is to develop innovative products and offer these products to the service of medicine in order to contribute to people living a healthier and higher quality life.

SDM Pharmaceuticals contributes to the country's economy with its products produced in Turkey. The company, which draws attention with its rapid growth in the pharmaceutical and health sector, believes that qualified manpower is the basis of its success. Therefore, it aims to create an environment that adds professional and personal value to its employees.

The company's working principles include an atmosphere based on respect and trust. Additionally, it offers a contemporary working environment by adopting an open-door policy in communication. SDM İlaç has adopted the principle of sharing its successes not only within the company but also with its employees. This approach aims to achieve greater success by creating a culture of cooperation and motivation within the company.


Tech and Gaming Service Website in Blue and Teal Gradient Style.png

​Mission: SDM Pharmaceuticals aims to offer advanced expertise and quality standards in the field of health and medicine, with its experience of over 28 years and deep commitment to the sector. Contributing to the evolution of medicine by developing innovative products, improving people's quality of life and supporting public health are among our main missions.

Contributing to the local economy by producing in Turkey, SDM İlaç continues its goal of becoming a global healthcare solution provider by also playing an active role in the international market. It has adopted the principle of providing its employees with a supportive environment for their professional and personal development, along with respect and trust in their work.

SDM İlaç, which creates a modern working environment with open communication, transparent management approach and solidarity culture among employees, has adopted to create a common culture of success by sharing its successes with its employees. It maintains its vision of being a pioneer in the industry as a reliable and ethical brand by attaching great importance to customer confidentiality and producing products in accordance with national and international legal standards.


Tech and Gaming Service Website in Blue and Teal Gradient Style.png

​SDM Pharmaceuticals adopts a vision that aims to become a recognized brand as a global health solution provider, continuing to be in a leading position in the health and pharmaceutical industry. It aims to offer groundbreaking products and services to improve people's quality of life by adhering to quality standards and giving importance to continuous innovation and R&D studies.

As an organization that not only produces medicines but also leads the digital transformation in the healthcare industry, SDM Pharmaceuticals aims to develop solutions that shape the future of medicine and offer them on a global scale. By closely following technological developments in the field of healthcare, it continues to focus on innovative projects that will make patients' treatment processes more effective and accessible.

At the same time, adhering to the principle of sustainability and environmental responsibility, it aims to grow by adapting its production processes to environmentally friendly methods and observing social and ecological balances. It aims to create a positive impact in society with its sensitivity towards society and the environment, transparent management approach and social responsibility projects.

SDM İlaç maintains its determination to contribute to people living a healthier, more conscious and more sustainable life by maintaining its vision of being a pioneer of change in the field of healthcare, beyond being just a company.


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